14k Healing Series Bracelets

  • These bracelets are made-to-order and will require 5 - 10 business days for production time prior to shipping.


    Introducing the new Healing Series, in which gemstones and natural materials are intentionally selected for their specific healing properties. Each bracelet consists of approximately 8mm beads strung on elastic cord and accented with a center pave diamond bead set in 14k yellow gold.



    With its warm soothing scent, Sandalwood is believed to invoke tranquility and relaxation, as well as promote a heightened sense of awareness and an openness to spiritual energy. It is believed to help clear the mind from unwanted distractions, and is particularly useful for stress reduction and enhanced meditation.



    With its deep inky hues, these honed (matte) Lapis Lazuli can aid in calming the mind, relieving stress and generating inner peace. It encourages self-awarenesss, self-expression, and self-confidence, guiding you to find your true self.



    With its golden orange hues and shimmery layers, Sunstone embodies all the warmth, strength and power of the sun. It is believed to relieve stress, promote independence and originality, and increase vitality. It is particularly useful for cleansing negative energies by encouraging  a positive mind-set filled with optimism, enthusiasm and joy.



    As one of the oldest known healing stones in history, Turquoise is an all-around powerhouse for promoting inner peace and serenity. It is particularly good for summoning courage and strength in the areas of communication, with others and with our own inner selves. With its calming blue hues, Turquoise encourages gentle self-realization thereby cleansing oneself from the negative energies that can lead to self-sabotage.



    Diamonds are a symbol of purity, clarity and love, for others as well as for oneself. Since it is an energy amplifier, one diamond bead has been added to each bracelet to enhance each of its healing powers. 


    *Given the natural origins of sandalwood and gemstones, there will be slight variations in each bracelet.


    **To preserve the life of your stretch bracelet, please roll the bracelet over your hand instead of pulling it on. Also, avoid wearing the bracelets during any activity where the beads will experience impact against a hard surface, including computer work.