14k Fiery Australian Boulder Opal Bracelet

  • Australian Boulder Opals sourced directly from Queensland display a host of fiery hues including blues, greens and some reds. Encased in ironstone, each color dazzles even more brightly against its chocolaty backdrop.


    Bracelets are strung on stretch elastic cord and finished with 14k gold accents. (Smaller bracelet includes a 14k gold and diamond focal.)


    Both bracelets together would make a wonderful and unique couples' gift for the upcoming holidays!


    *To preserve the life of your stretch bracelet, please roll the bracelet over your hand instead of pulling it on. Also, avoid wearing the bracelet during any activity where the gemstones will experience consistent impact against a hard surface, including computer work.


    **Please note that gemstones will have variations in color, as well as naturally occurring inclusions -- minerals or fractures that are trapped inside during formation -- that can appear as dark spots or streaks within the stone. Rather than view these inclusions as defects, we embrace them as evidence of their natural origins.