*RESERVED* 14k Australian Mintabie Crystal Opal Candy Necklace

  • *Reserved for J. Please do not purchase. Thank you.


    This graduated crystal opal necklace comes from the now-closed Mintabie mine and features smooth polished rondelles that exhibit a beautiful opalescence when viewed in the light. Crystal opals are defined as having a transparent to translucent base with a play of color, and are second only to black opals in terms of their valuation. These crystal opals have a clear-to-golden bodytone and exhibit gorgeous blue/purple and green color play. Hand-knotted using lilac silk and finished with a 14k solid gold lobster claw clasp, this is a one-of-a-kind heirloom quality piece that can be enjoyed and passed down for years to come. (Opals sourced directly from Australia.)


    To maintain the life of your gemstone candy necklace, please avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, hairspray or other chemicals. Also avoid wearing your necklace while swimming or showering. Due to the nature of silk, your necklace may stretch over time so it is recommended that your beads be restrung every 2-3 years depending on frequency of wear.


    Also, please note that gemstones have naturally occuring inclusions -- minerals or fractures that are trapped inside during formation -- that can appear as dark spots or streaks within the stone. Rather than view these inclusions as defects, we embrace them as evidence of their natural origins.